Link Necklace A.O.C

Link Necklace A.O.C

A Stone's Throw
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The line of "Necklaces That Persist" includes Warren, Ginsberg, Harris, and A.O.C., which are all bold, no-fuss classics that will stay in the game and have your back for decades to come. Absolutely NO quitting for these ladies!

The A.O.C. necklace is an antique style that perhaps your favorite great-aunt used to wear. This 14k Gold Fill Bar-and-Link chain defines timeless elegance, but it's not to dainty to get scared when you roll up your sleeves. Offered in 16" and 18" since this one loves to be layered with your other cherished necklaces.

"They'll tell you your too loud. That you need to wait your turn and and the right people for permission. Do it anyway" - A.O.C.

So... act justly first, ask permission later.